Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Analysis: Great Sounds; Irritating Layout

Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Analysis: Great Sounds; Irritating Layout

The Turtle seashore Stealth 600 is just one of the inexpensive name-brand wireless headsets jdate.com, but big sound does not totally excuse its uncomfortable build.

By Marshall Honorof 29 November 2017

Our Verdict

The Turtle seashore Stealth 600 is one of the less expensive name-brand wireless headsets, but fantastic noises doesn’t completely excuse their embarrassing design.

  • Exceptional gaming and music sounds
  • Plush ear canal glasses
  • Simple cordless connection


  • Awkward match
  • Lackluster mic design
  • Minimal PC being compatible

Turtle seashore used to be the standard for gaming headphones, blowing competitors out with a unique mixture of benefits, visual appeals and audio quality. They failed to take long for competitors for wise, though, and Turtle coastline is now just one single very good wireless headset producer in a veritable sea of some other great headset producers.

Enter the Turtle Beach Stealth 600 ($100), a radio wireless headset for your PS4 or Xbox the one that looks close and doesn’t charge too much. A name-brand wireless wireless headset for $100 may seem like a superb bargain. But an awkward mic, deficiencies in usefulness and a genuinely uneasy fit make the Stealth 600 a fairly tough offer.

Turtle coastline produced countless compromises with all the Stealth 600, but those compromises performed help make they among the cheapest cordless video gaming headsets in. Weigh your choices correctly.


The Stealth 600 appears like a relic of this just-about-bygone „extreme” video gaming days, with sharp aspects bisecting the over-ear servings and either bright-green or dark-blue highlights, based whether obtain the PS4 or Xbox variation.

Of specific notice is the boom microphone, which folds the whole way right back, parallel to the ear mug. It is an interesting halfway remedy, neither as elegant as a mic that folds into an ear mug nor because jarring as a mic that merely folds upwards.

The ear canal glasses have actually a little swivel for them, that helps all of them fit comfortably, and they fold upwards for portability. Although the foam cushioning regarding headband is actually luxurious possesses a lot of award, the extendable notches feeling cheaper and finicky, therefore obtaining a great fit requires some learning from mistakes.

The left ear glass get fairly packed, as it’s home to both the amount control as well as the chat-volume switch, that are actually correct next to both. If you believe this seems like a confusing arrangement, you are proper. Although it’s very an easy task to keep in mind that the quantity is found on very top as well as the talk amount is found on the bottom, it really is acutely simple to dial not the right one out of a heated time immediately after which ask yourself exactly why the video game has not obtained any quieter than earlier.

Beyond that, all the keys are pretty straightforward. The left ear canal glass (that also holds the billing port; just the right ear canal glass is positively barren in contrast) possess an electric switch, a pairing button and an equalization switch, which enables you to change among four methods. Which makes the remaining ear canal mug the practical heart with the entire unit makes sense from a cost-saving viewpoint, it really is quite crowded from design and aesthetic point of views.


Turtle Beach boasts the Stealth 600 makes use of development also known as „ProSpecs” to produce their ear canal cups convenient on folks who wear eyeglasses. As a bespectacled person, i could make sure the wireless headset is abnormally easy about ears, controlling in order to make a great aural seal without ever before pushing straight down too difficult.

Initially, the wireless headset decided this may fall off at any time.

Every track we heard was wealthy, discreet and filled up with lives. From detail by detail flow guitar section, to refined singing harmonies, to drum and bass beats that didn’t drown out the melody, the Stealth 600 is just — and remarkably — among the best audio experience i have had with a gaming wireless headset.

Important Thing

The Turtle seashore Stealth 600 provides superlative noise for both video gaming and musical, which is the foremost thing a gaming headset must do. However, it doesn’t healthy really well, their build seems as well crowded as well as its shameful PC software helps make revisions and repair a chore. Whenever you can live with a wired unit, talk about the SteelSeries Arctis 5, which conforms towards head profile better and sounds equally as good. Or, if you insist on creating a radio headset plus don’t care about maintaining a close look on for business, another option is the exemplary Logitech G533, basically typically designed for much less than the $150 suggested retail price.

For $100, you are not likely to get another name-brand wireless headset, aside from the one that provides such outstanding sound. The convenience and audio quality alone may be worth the purchase price; otherwise, you may have to compromise wireless function for one thing more content and versatile.

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